Solitary Times

Bess Xueyang Hu was born in Hunan Province, China in 1998. She studied politics at Shanxi University in northern China, before moving to Australia to complete a BA in Fine Art. She is currently based in Melbourne. Bess is a multidisciplinary visual artist with a focus on painting. Her works reference the intersection between sensation and emotional touch, seclusion and corporeal desire, as well as the unconscious and irrational dimensions of human existence. Her practice is also concerned with applying diverse mediums and materials to realise textural possibilities. Most works are  figurative paintings that lie between narrative and non-narrative, intentionally evading symbolic transformation and the representation of real space. As to the methodology of creation, she explores the poetics of imagery formed by the combining of content, colour, composition and other possible constituent elements, trying to  blend a balance and fusion of expression and experimentation.

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 9.51.13 am.png

Bess (Xeuyang Hu)

An expedition to the Antarctic

2020 Oil and oil stick on paper

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 9.51.04 am.png

Bess (Xeuyang Hu)


Oil and pumice powder on paper

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Bess (Xeuyang Hu)

Great king


Oil on paper

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