A Reign of Green: Green Rain House

It’s said the name Green Rain House was coined by a poet friend ofYun Du-seo who was inspired by the natural elements at play around the house; the sound of the wind blowing through the bamboo outside, the encompassing green ambience from the forest, and the sound of rain on the roof.These aspects can still merge in the mind when contemplated by a poetic temperament today as the house and its surrounds remain intact. Nok Woo Dang (Green Rain House) is not only a name but the words have inspiring associations for Koreans at large, relating to feelings of contentment and peace about a place of inspiring refuge which is not only a place but also a creatively nurturing idea that can be carried by anyone when the house, it’s poetic associations and importance in Korean history are contemplated.

Months later distilled impressions from the residency took shape in a series of works containing the Korean characters for Green Rain House, in a palette of varied greens that evoke a sense of abundant renewal. This colour development and theme also led him to paint abstract arrangements based on the English word ‘chapter’ and the Chinese character ‘fu’ as mantras of new possibilities and energy, for the individual, for society and the environment that sustains us.


Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 9.16.20 am.png

David Freney-Mills

A Reign of Green


Ink & collage on Hanji paper on canvas

215cm H x 185cm 

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 9.55.45 am.png

David Freney-Mills

Porous Amorphous no. 46 


Ink & collage on Hanji paper on board 

155cm H x 187cm W

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