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Established in 2019, ACAE Gallery is a cultural venture presenting artworks and exhibitions by contemporary Australian and Asian artists. 

ACAE is our acronym as the Australasian Cultural Arts Exchange.The term ‘Australasia’ first appeared in modern usage in 1756, when the French scholar Charles de Brosses borrowed it from the Latin for ‘South of Asia’, including it in his Histoire des navigations aux terres australes. Adopting this designation, the Australasian Cultural Arts Exchange (ACAE Gallery) is dedicated to developing cultural exchanges throughout the Australasian region and its near neighbours. Primarily focused on the visual arts, our program looks to a range of cultural interests and expressions; it is not limited by contemporary art alone. We invite you to join us as we present new and exciting projects from Australia, Asia and the Pacific.



Dr Damian Smith

PhD, MA art.cur, Pgrad art.hist, BFA


Helen Yu


ACAE Gallery has exhibition spaces across our two-storey facility, 82a Wellington Street Collingwood.

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L-R: Zhou Xiaoping, Damian Smith, Zou Yinong

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L-R: Damian Smith, Shen Jiawei with 'Standing Guard for our Great Motherland' exhibited 

'In Our Time: Four Decades of Art From China and Beyond. The Geoff Raby Collection', 2024 National Art School, Sydney

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