Selected watercolours

Tony Smibert AM is a singular voice in traditional, minimal and abstract art - a painter whose work blends eastern and western traditions. He is internationally recognised for the distinct art he creates in his studio in Tasmania, Australia. 

Smibert's training began at the National Gallery of Victoria Art School in the 1960s under John Brack. Now also a Visiting Artist Researcher at Tate Britain, he continues to draw inspiration from the Great Masters of the Golden Age of British Watercolour. This traditional approach, combined with 50 years practicing the Japanese martial art of Aikido, has greatly informed his artistic expression. The discipline, harmony and spatial concepts of Aikido are ever-present in his work.

Perhaps what is most striking about Smibert's art is its range; from traditional watercolours and minimal landscapes, to large abstracted acrylic works on canvas, drawing on traditional methods while simultaneously stepping into new areas of artistic expression, and creating art that is entirely his own.

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Tony Smibert

Tao Sublime 5


Acrylic on Canvas

1800 x 1230 mm (W x H)

Highly Commended Award, Hadley's Art Prize 2019

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