Internship program 2022

My internship experience at ACAE Gallery has been nothing but rewarding and enjoyable. As interns at ACAE Gallery, we got to work closely with the gallery director and business manager - Damian and Helen - who were very generous with sharing their professional knowledge in the industry. I can confidently say that I have learnt a lot from my experience at ACAE Gallery, from curatorial tips, day-to-day operations in running a private art gallery to making connections in the art industry, while also being given the chance to put everything that I’ve learnt in my Master’s program so far into practical use. Jane Goh

In 2022, ACAE Gallery is hosting four interns from tertiary courses including the University of Melbourne's 'Master of Curatorship' and 'Arts & Cultural Manangement' as well as Australian Catholic University's 'Bachelor of Visual Art & Design'. Meet our interns:

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Jane Goh


Originally from Malaysia, Jane Goh is studying the Master of Art Curatorship program at the University of Melbourne. Prior to this, she graduated from her undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne in Art History with electives in Philosophy, Korean Studies, Ancient History, Fine Art and Modern Language. With a passionate interest in East Asian art and languages, Jane intends to focus her studies and internship at ACAE Gallery on traditional and contemporary East Asian art forms, while gaining knowledge and experience in the practical aspects of running a private art gallery.


Hsuan Yi Kuo portrait small.jpg

Hsuan-Yi Kuo


Hsuan-Yi Kuo is an international student from Taiwan, enrolled in the University of Melbourne's Master of Arts and Cultural Management. Hsuan-Yi comes from a background in visual design and is continuing to refine her knowledge in the field of arts and cultural management. According to Husan Yi, her aim is to gain experience through the internship program and contribute to the field of art curation and cultural event management.


Shini Sou portrait small.jpg

Shini Sou


Shini Sou is an intern at ACAE Gallery, studying the Master of Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne. Having been living in both China and Japan for many years, she is interested in the dynamics of the East Asian art world, especially how East Asian artists are transforming through encounters with their non-East-Asian counterparts. As a painter of Chinese traditional painting (Guo Hua) herself, she is also passionate about making new innovations in this historic art form and introducing it to wider audiences. With such interests, Shini intends to gain insight through her internship at ACAE Gallery into Asian art and artists in an international setting, interplays between contemporary art forms and traditional ones, and audience development strategies at a private gallery.



Kate Renney


Kate Renney joins us as part of the Internship Program at Australian Catholic University. Kate is in her final semester of her Bachelor of Visual Art and Design course for which she explores a painting style that unites figuration with abstraction. Alongside her art practice she aspires to work in art events management, creating events that celebrate emerging and multicultural artists. 

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