Auspicious Fishes exhibition opens at TCB

Congratulations to ACAE alumni Bonnie Qi and Elmira Ng, along with Michelle Yuan Fitz-Gerald, whose new exhibition Auspicious Fishes opens at TCB Gallery, 1-5 Wilkinson St, Brunswick 3056.

In March 2023, Bonnie Qi was the assistant curator working on Elmira Ng's first solo exhibition '100 Children at Play', at ACAE Gallery. Dial forward to 2024 and Bonnie is exhibiting her bespoke jewellery in the exhibition Auspicious Fishes, curated by Elmira Ng. A delightful exhibition that draws inspiration from the myriad finned creatures beloved of folk lore and myth.

Open from 20 April to 19 May, TCB.

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1-5 Wilkinson St
Brunswick 3056
Victoria, Australia

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