Jaedon Shin honoured with solo exhibition at Heide Museum of Modern Art

Artist Jaedon Shin has been honoured with a solo exhibition at Heide Museum of Modern Art, curated by Eliza Jung.

Heide Museum of Modern Art is a leading cultural institution that showcases the work of Australian and international artists, including works by key Australian Modernists. Jaedon Shin is currently showing alongside exhibitions featuring works by Albert Tucker (1914-1999), Italian Modernist Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978) and others. 

According to Heide MOMA:

Jaedon Shin’s paintings vibrate with colour, memory and imagination. Through the creation of dream-like worlds, the artist contemplates inter and transcultural experiences, interrogating his dual identity as a Korean and an Australian. Enduring impressions of his upbringing in Korea—a divided nation, where each side of the country lives in apprehension, fear and longing for the other—are conflated with reflections on the migrant experience. Shin’s highly personal narratives explore feelings of displacement and alienation and reveal a universal desire for human connection, identity and a sense of belonging.

Date:  11 June - 30 October 2022

Location:  Kerry Gardner & Andrew Myer Project Gallery

Curator/s:  Eliza Jung (guest curator)

Admission:  Included with museum admission

For further information see Heide MOMA

Jaedon Shin’s works are available through ACAE Gallery.

In The Mountains, acrylic on linen, 170x200cm, 2021.jpeg


In The Mountains


acrylic on linen

170 x 200 cm

Exhibited Heide MOMA 'Shin Jaedon: Double Moon'

Image courtesey the artist

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