Gangwon Triennale, Korea launches international conference

Revitalization of Everyday life through Technology and Art in the Anthropocene Epoch is the online  international conference organised by the Gangwon Art & Culture Foundation, Hongcheon-gun, Hongcheon Culture Foundation, AICA International and The Korean Society of Media & Arts.

The Conference is a component of the Gangwon Triennale 2021, and features a presentation by ACARI President, Dr Damian Smith.

For more information, visit Gangwon Triennale

Changes in Human Technology and Art - From an Art History PerspectivePresenterHee-young Kim (Prof, Kookmin University)Korea
DebaterSeung-ku Han (Artist)Korea
02The Role of Art as Techne - From the Point of View of Technical AestheticPresenterSeung-Chol Shin (Prof, Gangneung-Wonju National University)Korea
DebaterChen Sai Hua Kuan (Artist)Singapore
03The Relationship Between Eco-Techne and Everyday Life - From the Point of View of Cultural CriticPresenterMalgorzata Kazmierczak (Independant Curator)Poland
DebaterJen Yeunho KIM JANG (Artistic Director, iGong, Alternative Visual Culture Factory)Korea
04Technology and Art in the Anthropocene Epoch - From the Point of View of Sociology of ArtPresenterKim Levin (Former AICA International President)USA
DebaterHyowon Shim (Research Professor, Institute of Media Arts, Yonsei University)Korea
05Contactless Digital Network and Art Scene - From the Point of View of Art CriticPresenterJinkook Ahn a.k.a Lev AAN (Art Critic)Korea
DebaterEunlog Sim (Dongguk University)Korea
06Simulacre as Fiction in Media and Reality -Focused on Case AnalysisPresenterDamian Smith (Independant Curator, Art Writer)Australia
DebaterHyunjin Shin (Independent Researcher)Korea
07Design and Revitalization of the Digital Everyday Life -Focused on Case AnalysisPresenterSang-Kwon Goo (CEO, Fab365)Korea
DebaterAnka Lesniak (Artist)Poland
08Media Art on the Theme of Ecology - Artists and ArtworksPresenterJean Bundy (Art Writer)USA
DebaterYoung Ah Rue (Asia Culture Institute)Korea
09Media Art on the Theme of AI and Augmented Reality - Artists and ArtworksPresenterJung Hun Kang (Artist)Korea
DebaterXia Yanguo (Independent Curator, Founder of de Art Center)China

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