Internship program 2023

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Prisca Qiying Jia, ACAE Gallery

With a primary degree in Business Administration, Prisca recently graduated from the University of Melbourne's Masters in Art Curatorship. Currently volunteering at ACAE Gallery, Prisca is working on a range of projects including translating exhibition texts from English to Mandarin. Her interests include arts marketing and public programs.

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Weizhen Li, Uluru, Australia, 2023

Weizhen Li is currently undertaking the Masters in Curatorship at the University of Melbourne, focusing on digital technologies in exhibition experience. Her work at ACAE Gallery follows on from experience as a Community Ambassador at the National Gallery of Victoria with specific focus on Mandarin speaking visitors. 


Dong-Ying Chiang, Taipei, 2022 

With a background in film making and producing, Dong Ying has recently been studying arts and cultural management, enrolling in the Masters course at the University of Melbourne in 2022. Through the internship at ACAE Gallery, he has undertaken curatorial work, focusing on the design and installation of works by Australian artist Tony Smibert AM.

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Jimmy Li, ACAE Gallery with Gonkar Gyatso's limited edition print 'Buddha Isn't Smiling' 2022

Originally from Gansu Province, China, Jimmy Li has an academic background in cultural industrial management, taking this as a bachelor degree at Ocean University of China. After working in arts management and videography, he is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Art Curatorship at the University of Melbourne, where he is advancing his industry skills and knowledge. Through interning at ACAE Gallery, Jimmy is working on a range of projects including exhibition preparation and installation, artwork cataloguing and public relations.

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Bonnie Yue Qi, ACAE Gallery with Wayne Warren's limited edition print 'Gold Excess', gold leaf, silkscreen printed on Somerset Velvet 300gsm paper

Originally from Guangdong Province, China, Bonnie Yue Qi came to Australia in 2017 to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in art history at the University of Queensland. After gaining experience in art history research and writing, she is currently pursing a Master Degree of art curatorship at the University of Melbourne. Her own research takes great interests in Asian contemporary art and the intersection between art and horticulture. Through the internship program at ACAE Gallery, she is gaining hands-on skills in gallery operations, including exhibition preparation, installation and de-installation, artist engagement, artwork cataloguing and art writing.

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Sherry Meng Song, ACAE Gallery with works on paper by Elmira Ng, 2023

Originally from Zhejiang Province, China, Sherry Meng Song has an academic background in visual communication design, taking this as a bachelors degree at the Jianghan University of China, before following up with a double degree in graphic and digital media at Trinity College, Dublin. Following on from her work in the design industry, Sherry is pursuing a Masters Degree in art curatorship at the University of Melbourne. Through the internship program at ACAE Gallery, she is working on a range of projects including exhibition preparation, installation, artist engagement, and artwork cataloguing.

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Joshua Yong, East End Theatre District, Melbourne 2023

Graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design in 2023 from Australian Catholic University, Joshua Yong is currently volunteering at ACAE Gallery, Melbourne. He has worked on several projects including catalogue design, exhibition installation, and social media. His recent work includes reviewing Rel Pham’s TEMPLE installation, a commission for Melbourne Now, Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia. Joshua will soon be undertaking research in Malaysia.

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