Zhou Xiaoping

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Zhou Xiaoping is a painter and the Director/Curator of Special Research Projects at the Museum of Chinese Australian History. He was born in AnHui, graduated from the Art Department of Charles Darwin University in Australia, and is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 1988, he has lived and worked for years in the deserts of central and western Australia and remote Indigenous communities in the northern regions. His works blend Chinese art, Western artistic concepts, and Austra-Tian Indigenous art, resulting in a unique artistic style.

So far, Zhou Xiaoping has held over fifty solo exhibitions in various countries around the world, including the National Art Museum of China (1999); Beijing Capital Museum (2011); Melbourne Museum in Australia (2012); Australian Embassy in France (2014); Today Art Museum in Beijing; Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum; Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum; and Shenzhen Art Museum in I their touring exhibitions (2017). In 2023, he began participating in the touring exhibition "Heaven Earth, organised by the Australian Museum and displayed in China. An internationally acclaimed documentary titled "Ink and Ochre" chronicles Zhou Xiaoping's artistic journey in Australia, spanning over twenty years.

周小平,艺术家,澳华博物馆专题研究项目总监/策展人。他出生于安徽,毕业于澳洲达尔文大学艺术系。现定居澳大利亚墨尔本。自1988年他曾多年生活和工作在澳洲中西部的荒漠和北部原始丛林原住民村落。他的作品融合了中国艺术,西方艺术观念和澳洲原住民艺术,具有独特的艺术风格。迄今,周小平在世界各国共举办了50多场个展,其中包括中国美术馆 (1999年);北京首都博物馆 (2011年),澳大利亚墨尔本博物馆 2012年),澳洲驻法国大使馆 (2014年),北京今日美术馆,成都当代美术馆,江苏省现代美术馆,深圳美术馆的巡回展 (2017年),2023年始参与澳大利亚博物馆主办的在中国的巡展。国际得奖专题纪录片水墨与楮石讲述了周小平二十多年在澳大利亚的艺术历程。



材质:丙烯、油彩、宣纸、画布, 2014, acrylic, oil, rice paper, canvas, 95 x125cm

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