An Kun

Born in Jiangsu in 1968, Currently working in Beijing


1990   Graduated from Suzhou Arts and Crafts Institute

1994   Studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts

Solo exhibitions

2023   the 23rd Beijing Art Expo ACAE Gallery (Beijingjing)

2023   “Each Thinks” An Kun Works Exhibition Korea Yilian Gallery (Shanghai)

2023   An Kun Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition Korea Yilian Gallery (Shanghai)

2022   An Kun solo exhibition“How can no one understand it?” Bird Gallery (Shanghai)

2021   An Kun Oil Painting Art Exhibition  Langkong Art Museum  (Beijing)

2019   Youthful pain AnKun Personal oil painting exhibition Eryi Art Museum (BeiJing)

2017   Anzhen Works Exhibition - KUNSTBROEDERS Gallery (Netherlands)

2015   Anzhen Works Exhibition - KUNSTBROEDERS Gallery (Netherlands)

2013   “Chouchu” - Art Gallery (Beijing)

2012   “The Luxury Generation “ - 798 Ning Space (Beijing)

Group exhibitions

2024   In Our Time: Four Decades Of Art From China And Beyond, The Geoff Raby Collection National Art School Gallery, Sydney (Australia)

2023   Fabbrica del Vapore in Milano (Italy)  

2023   Rising Art Fair (Shanghai)

2023   The dreamer woke up in the dreamer’s dream Pod Gallery (Shanghai)

2022   Art Karlsruhe  (Germany)

2021    “Colourful China” exposition in HDMZ Museum Zandvoort.

2021   ART AAF Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2021   Art fair in Doorn (Netherlands)

2020  Art fair Sandenburg (Netherlands)

2020   Xuzhou Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition (Xuzhou)

2020   Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Soest Art Museum (Netherlands)

2020   Urban Breath Contemporary Art Exhibition Yu Jigao Art Museum (Xuzhou)

2019   Xiangshi Art Exhibition - 751 (Beijing)

2019   Shangshang Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition - Shangshang Gallery (Beijing)

2019   Art Fair Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2019   37x33 Group Exhibition of Contemporary Portraiture (Beijing)

2019   Art Munster (Ireland)

2019   Art Karlsruhe Art Fair (Germany)

2019   “YongDong” 2019 Contemporary Art Salon Exhibition - Yan Yan Art Space (Xuzhou)

2018   “ZhiTong” An Kun / Li Zemin double exhibition - Guangfu Art Center (Shanghai)

2018   “KeGuMingXin” Art Exhibition - Beijing Mansion (Beijing)

2018   Antwerp Art Exhibition (Belgium)

2018   Art Fair Ootmarsum Art Fair (Netherlands)

2018   ART Breda Art Fair (Netherlands)

2018   Art Karlsruhe Germany - Karlsruhe Art Karlsruhe 

2018   Amsterdam Art Fair (Netherlands)

2018   Shanghai International Modern Furniture Fair (Shanghai)

2018   “JingJieWuRen” Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition - Hui Space (Beijing)

2017   Luxembourg Art Fair (Luxembourg)

2017   Xuzhou Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition (Jiangsu)

2017   Bourne Art Fair (Germany)

2017   Antwerp Art Exhibition (Belgium)

2017   Zandvoort Museum Expo (Netherlands)

2017   Art Karlsruhe Germany - Karlsruhe (Germany)

2017   Münster Expo, Germany (Germany)

2016   Art Qingdao (Qingdao)

2016   “10 years (2006-2016)” - Special Exhibition of the 10th Anniversary of the Songzhuang Art Museum (Beijing) 

2016   Art Karlsruhe Germany - Karlsruhe (Germany)

2016   Art and Antiques Exhibition - Naarden (near Amsterdam) (Netherlands)

2016   Realisms Art Fair - Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2015   “Colorful” American Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition – Sarasota Venice Art Center (Sarasota)

2015   “ZuoWuXuXi” Beijing New Realistic Painting Invitational Exhibition – Millennium 

Museum of Contemporary Art (Nanchang)

2015   Kunstrai Art Fair - Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2015   Asian Contemporary Art Fair (Hong Kong)

2015   ART Breda Art Fair (Netherlands)

2015   Realisme Amsterdam Art Fair (Netherlands)

2014   ART3F Mulhouse Art Fair (France)

2014   ART3G Mulhouse Art Fair (France)

2014   China Intentional Expressionism Invitational Exhibition (Beijing) 

2013   “We: 1994-2013” China Songzhuang 20 Year Special Exhibition (Beijing)

2013   Chinese and Foreign Artists Exchange Exhibition (Beijing)

2013   “SuQu” Experience Jiangsu Artists Exhibition in Beijing (Beijing)

2013   Professional Artists Exhibition Exhibition (Beijing)

2012   2012 First Modern Art Weibo Exhibition - Songzhuang Art Museum (Beijing)

2012   18th Manuscript Station - Contemporary Art Exhibition - Dachang Art Museum (Beijing)

2012   Contemporary Young Artists Exhibition (Beijing)

2011   Art Qingdao (Qingdao)

2011   “Art on the Road” Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing)

2010   Second Occasion Art Festival - Shangshang Art Museum (Beijing)

2010   Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition - “Art +” Shanghai Gallery (Shanghai)

2010   Contemporary Art Exhibition - Shanghai Moganshan M507 Art Center (Shanghai)

2009   “MOVING” China Contemporary Art Exhibition (UK)

2009   Art Scope Art Fair (UK)

2008   08 Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing)

2008   “Empty” four-person oil painting exhibition - Su Meng Gallery (Beijing)

2008   “Cosmos” Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition - Art Art of 798 Art District, Beijing Gallery

2008   “ART Warehouse” Contemporary Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition (Beijing)

2008   “Early Spring February” Artists Exhibition (Beijing)

2007   Art Art + Shanghai Gallery Opening Exhibition (Shanghai)

2007   The 3rd Songzhuang International Art Festival Artists Exhibition (Beijing)

His works have been collected by institutions or individuals from France, the United 

Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan 

and other places. 

In Australia, An Kun is represented in the Geoff Raby Collection of Chinese Art, La Trobe University.

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An Kun

Youth With A Garland


Oil Painting on Canvas 

150cmH x 120cmW

$24,000.00 GST inc.


An Kun

Heart's Longing


Oil on canvas


$37,300 GST inc.

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