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Yuan Wenbin

Yuan Wenbin


Solo Exhibitions

2018   All Beings and the World – YuanWenbin Solo Exhibition (Phoenix Art Palace)

2008   Five Quark- Yuan Wenbin Works Exhibition (Shanghai Duolun Art Museum)

2007   Duplex Classic–Yuan Wenbin Works Exhibition (Beijing 798 Holy Orient Art Gallery)

1997   Urban Personality – Yuan Wenbin’s Works Exhibition (Fujian Provincial Academy of Painting)

1994   Yuan Wenbin Oil Painting Exhibition (Hong Kong Visual Arts Center)



2011   China Art Events • 2010 Yuan Wenbin Art Creation Status

2010   China Art Memorabilia • 2009 Yuan Wenbin Art Creation Status

2009   China Art Events • 2008 Yuan Wenbin Art Creation Status

2009   Yuan Wenbin

2007   Chinese Oil Painting Master – Yuan Wenbin

2006   Art Gallery – Chinese Oil Painting Artist Yuan Wenbin

2005   Chinese Artists Research – Yuan Wenbin



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International Olympic Committee

Shanghai Duolun Art Museum

Beijing Times Art Museum

Shanghai Oil Sculpture Institute

Tianjin Art Museum

Harbin Museum of Contemporary Art

National Museum of Peru

Yuan Wenbin

Born in Fujian Province in 1968, he graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Fujian Normal University in 1988 and then started to teach at his alma mater. In 1991, he participated in the Yiwei’er Oil Painting Materials Technique Research Course at the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. Between 1994 and 1996, he studied in the 8th Oil Painting Assistant Teacher course at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

He is currently a professor of Oil Painting at the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, deputy director of the Oil Painting Department, and deputy dean of the Oil Painting Institute of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. He is also a member of the Chinese Artists Association, deputy secretary general of the Beijing Contemporary Chinese Freehand Oil Painting Institute.