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ACAE Gallery is committed to the art and culture exchange between Australia and China, which means we are not only focusing on established artists; we also make it our mission to discover, launch and support young Australian Chinese artists. The artist Bess (Hu Xueyang) in this online exhibition is one of the very talented young artists here in Australia. Bess (Hu Xueyang) is currently studying in the third year at RMIT  in Melbourne, Australia. Her work has matured beyond the age, her passion for art and perseverance are obvious . “I just love painting so much,” Beth said; just like the stories of artists we often hear, for the love of art, Bess dropped out of  from Shanxi University when where she was studying polics in the second year and came to RMIT to pursue her art study.

When talking about the origin of her English name Bess, she said, “The name Bess came from the movie “Breaking the Waves”, which is the name of the heroine. She is a lover with only one sacred path of no return in front of her. She felt ashamed , helpless and worked so hard to the end until she dies for this heavily unbearable mission. “Art is a mission for Beth.” I remember once a philosopher who has been grinding lenses for the whole life in order to maintain his focus on God; he only grinds lenses for himself. Living with the basic living condition, he grinds the lenses to not distract himself from philosophy.  I feel what I want to do is to polish the lens.”

Painting is the means to preserve personal feelings for Bess, thus the absolute honesty is required without doubts . “,Actually I don’t have a preference for the theme of painting. My understanding is any preset of theme would damage the honesty of painting. And I always feel to be truthful with oneself might be the hardest thing, so does the honesty of paintings.”

When talking about her art work and thoughts of her future art , Bess said, “Comparing with the content of painting, I get more satisfaction from the variations of effects produced by the interactions between brushes, paints, and canvas, as well as the combination of lines and color blocks extended from it. “I hope that I can break through some kind of restriction on the wholeness. I feel occasionally  that I am restricted by somewhat wholeness necessity which might prevents me express things more freely. “

It is perhaps the honesty and integrity of the artist makes her artwork so enjoyable and meaningful,  we hope you enjoy her online exhibition too .