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Shin Jaedon

Shin Jaedon

Spring Of The 38th Parallel, oil on cotton, 152x396cm, 2014
Dinner At Outback,acrylic on linen,88x88cm,2018
Applause, oil on linen, 150x228cm, 2013
Dining, oil on linen, 125×158.5cm, 2014
At House Auction, oil on linen, 155x115cm, 2016
Snow, acrylic & oil on linen, 150x170cm, 2016

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Shin  Jaedon

Born in South Korea and moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2007. Graduated Fine Art (Drawing) at RMIT University in 2011.

Practicing and showing in both Melbourne and Seoul.



               Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing), RMIT University, Melbourne

                Bachelor of Arts (History), Sogang University, Seoul



                2019‘Exhibition of Shin Jaedon’ (Gallery Violet, Seoul)

                2019 ‘InBetween’ (Alternating Current Art Space, Melbourne)

                2018 ‘TwoCities’ (Ryumijae Gallery, Yangpyeong, Korea)

                2017‘Double Moon’ (Soso Art Museum, Hwasoon, Korea)

                2017‘Double Moon’ (BlackCat Gallery, Melbourne)        

                2017‘Haenam, Self-portrait’, (2017 Pungnyu Namdo Art Project by Haeng Chon Museum) (NokwoodangChunghungak,      Haenam

                2017‘Colourful World’ (The Lost Ones Contemporary Art Gallery, Ballarat, Australia)

                2017 ‘DearThanyaburi’ (Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT), Thailand

                2016 ‘BigChair’ (The Blue Bean Window Gallery, Hepburn Springs, Australia)    

                2016‘Burke Road’ (Black Cat Gallery, Melbourne)

                2016‘People’ (KISS Gallery, Seoul)

                2015 ‘DeadGuerrillas’ (Rubicon ARI, Melbourne)

                2014‘Dining’ (Red Star Window Gallery, Hepburn Springs, Australia)     

                2014 ‘KimJong Il’s Funeral’ (Gallery Yeh-In, Melbourne)              

                2014‘December, 2011’ (Gallery Sobab, Yangpyeong, Korea)        

                2013 ’40Portraits’ (Red Star Window Gallery, Hepburn Springs, Australia)           

                2013‘Drawing People’ (Double Exhibition at Gallery Godo/Space Zero Gallery in SangmyungUniversity, Seoul)

                2013‘Dichotomic’ (bcs gallery, New York)

                2012‘Dwarf’ (Red Gallery, Melbourne)

                2012‘Ambiguous Viewpoint, Obscure Question’ (Gallery Godo, Seoul)

                2011‘Strange Ordinaries’ (Gallery Yeh-In, Melbourne)



                2019 The 2nd‘People’ Exhibition (Gallery Violet, Seoul)

                2018 Regional GroupExhibition ‘Picturesque Haenam, Tasty Haenam’ (Dinosaur Museum, Haenam)

                2018 ‘12thKAAM Exhibition’ (Tacit Gallery, Melbourne)

                2018 ‘Face to Face’(BlackCat Gallery, Melbourne)

                2017 ‘Mihwangsa,Ttangkkeut Village, The Beautiful Temple’ (Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul)

                2017 ‘11thKAAM Exhibition’ (Gallery MAS, Melbourne)

                2017 ‘The Rediscoveryof the Diaspora’ (Gyeomjae Jeongseon Museum of Art, Seoul)

                2017 ‘12th InternationalArts Workshop’ (RMUTT, Thailand)

                2016 ‘10thAnniversary of KAAM Exhibition’ (Gallery MAS, Melbourne) 

                2016‘Another Attention Open into Gyeomjae’ (Gyeomjae Jeongseon Museum of Art,Seoul)

                2016 ‘GongjaeReimagined’ (Nogwoodang Choongheongak, Haenam)

                2016 ‘TtangkkeutVillage, The Beautiful Temple’ (Mihwangsa Jaharoo Art Museum, Haenam

                2016 SehwaExhibition ‘Monkey has brought a good fortune’ (Haengchon Art Museum, Haenam)

                2015‘Gyeomjae Jeongseon and Reinterpretation of Yangcheon Eight Landscapes-HalartecExhibition’ (Gyeomjae Jeongseon          Museum of Art, Seoul)

                2015‘Yangpyeong-Triangle Project 2015’ (Gallery Sobab, Yangpyeong)

                2015 ‘7thKAAM Exhibition’ (Tacit Gallery, Melbourne)

                2015 ‘The6th Gwangju International Art Fair’ (Kimdaejung Convention Center,Gwangju)

                2015 Pungnyu Namdo Art Project ‘Taste and Style of Namdo, the Blossoming Stories andArts’

                (Haengchon Art Museum/Haenam General Hospital/Gosan Yunseondo ArtifactMuseum(Nogudang)/Seongbo Museum of Daeheungsa             

                Temple/Iljiam Hermitage/MihwangsaTemple/Baekryunsa Temple/Imado Studio(Imhado Island), Haenam)

                2015 The InvitationExhibition of Overseas Prominent Artists ‘Perceptual Shift’ (Gyeomjae JeongseonMuseum of Art, Seoul)

                2015 ‘TheAge of Anpyeong’ (Ryumeejae Gallery, Yangpyeong, Korea)

                2015 ‘The10th International Art Festival and Art Workshop in Thailand’ (Poh-ChangAcademy of Arts, Bangkok, Thailand)

                2014 2nd KAAF(Korea-Australia Arts Foundation) Art Prize Finalists (Korean Cultural Centre,Sydney)

                2014 ‘Splash’ (KewPrimary School, Melbourne)

                2014 ‘6th KAAM(Korean Artist Association Melbourne) Exhibition’ (Tacit Gallery, Melbourne)

                2014 ‘Lifeas A Leisurely Beauty’ (Haengchon Art Museum, Haenam, Korea)

                2014 ‘Face’(Gallery Sobab, Yangpyeong, Korea)

                2014‘GyeomJae JeongSeon and Beautiful Beehaedang Garden’ (Gyeomjae Jeongseon Museumof Art, Seoul)

                2014’ARSACTIVA 2014_Arts & Their Communities’ (Gangneung Museum of Art, Gangneung, Korea)

                2013 Exhibition of KAAM & AKVA (Tap Gallery, Sydney)

                2013 KAAF(Korea-Australia Arts Foundation) Inaugural Art Prize Finalists (KoreanCultural Centre, Sydney)

                2013 ‘5th KAAM(Korean Artist Association Melbourne) Exhibition’ (Gallery Yeh-In, Melbourne)

                2013 ‘The 3rd PeaceArt Project [Baik-Ryung Island _ An Interview with 525,600 Hours’ (Baik-RyungIsland & Incheon Art          Platform, Incheon, Korea)

                2013 ‘SobabSpeaks’ (Gallery Sobab, Yangpyeong, Korea)

                2012 TriangleProject – Seoul, part 2 ‘Portrait’ (Gallery Mesh, Seoul)

                2012 ‘4th KAAM(Korean Artist Association Melbourne) Exhibition’ (Glen Eira City CouncilGallery, Melbourne)

                2012 ‘Illustrationsof Form, Figure & Sexuality’ (Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne)

                2011 ‘Belle ArtiChapman & Bailey Art Award 2011’ (Chapman & Bailey Gallery, Melbourne)

                2011 ‘Together inHarmony for 50 Years-Linking Australian and Korean Arts-‘ (Korea FoundationCultural Center, Seoul)

                2010 ‘New Arrivals’(Gallery Yeh-In, Melbourne)

                2009 ‘Works on Paper’(Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne)




                2017 RMUTT,Thailand

                2015Fellini Gallery, Berlin, Germany

                2015 The10th International Art Workshop at Poh Chang Academy of Arts,Bangkok, Thailand

                2014 Haengchon ArtMuseum, Imha-Island Art Studio, Haenam, Korea

                2012 ARPNY (ArtistResidency Program New York), New York



                ‘Double Moon: The Rupture and Unity of Two Realities’, David Freney-Mills,Double Moon, 2017

                ‘All Started from That Day’, Lee Seungmi, Haenam Self-Portrait, 2017

                ‘Shin’s world of colour’ – Exhibition an antidote to grey of winter-, Michelle Smith, The Courier, 2017.6.6

                ‘The Observer’, Narakorn Sittites, Dear Thanyaburi, 2017

                ‘The Work of Shin Jaedon’, Anakie West, Burke Road, 2016

                ‘JAEDON SHIN:PAINTER’, ARTSHUB Australia ( 190581), 2012.7.17

                ‘The substance of ambiguity in contemporary living-History’, Segye DailyNewspaper, 2012.3.13

                ‘Knowing and Not Knowing’, Peter Westwood, Dwarf, 2012




 Soso Art Museum, Hwasoon, Korea

 Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Bangkok, Thailand

 Crittenden Estate,Melbourne, Australia

 Haengchon Art Museum,Haenam, Korea

 Poh-Chang Academy ofArts, Bangkok, Thailand