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Opening of “The Bridges”

The Bridges

The inaugural exhibition at ACAE Gallery

opened on May 5


The production of “The Bridges” as an exhibition and as a cultural intertwining of Australian and Chinese and Chinese-Australian artists sets the scene for ongoing projects between the two countries.

Artists Zhong Chen, Maggie Diaz, Chonggang Du, Martin Hodge, Tyra Hutchens, Guan Wei and Yinong Zou. Their works represent a diverse set of experiences, yet their common interests in cross-cultural aesthetics and interest form the thematic heart of the show.




Opening  Day




 ACAE Gallery Manager Assistant  — Helen


First of all, Helen thanked the artists, collectors, consulates and guests for attending the opening.

Helen introduced the exhibition preparation process, led by the gallery manager Andy Gomez. Andy could not come to the opening today for health reasons, So on behalf of Andy, she would like to express his gratitude to everyone.

ACAE Art Director、Vice Dean of Australia-China Art Research Institute  —   Yinong Zou


Mr. Zou introduced ACAE Gallery’s mission — “The Bridges of mind, The Bridges of Art”, with its position as a professional art space exhibiting modern and contemporary art with a focus on abstract artworks and expressionism artworks.

Gallery Functions:

  • Gallery:Exhibiting works of Chinese-Australian Artists and Artists from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Art Exchange:Artists travel to Australia or China for creating artworks, holding exhibitions, and communicating with local artists 
  • Art Salon:A communication Platform for artists, collectors and art lovers
  • Art Lecture:Inviting artists to hold academic lectures as well as art appreciation lectures

Chinese – Australian Artist — Zhong Chen


Mr Chen said he’s happy to be featured in the exhibition with artists from different cultural backgrounds at the ACAE Gallery. With its modern operation philosophy, great gallery spaces and professional curating, ACAE Gallery will soon be one of the best galleries in Australia.

Australian Artist, Scholar — Dr. Gary Willis


Dr. Gary Willis said he has just visited China and communicated with local artists there recently, and he was impressed by Chinese Art. Today, Chinese-Australian found a professional art gallery in China, which is crucial to the art exchange between the two countries. 

Chinese-Australian Artist Chonggang Du


Mr Du:“Witnessing a professional art space established by Chinese-Australian is great news for all Chinese-Australian Artists. We will support its future development sincerely. “

Cultural Consul of the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Melbourne 


Zou Consul congratulated the opening of the ACAE Gallery and the opening of the art exhibition “Bridge” in both English and Mandarin. She said that every culture can appreciate the art of other culture,  the co-existence of all cultures is the harmony of the world. And artistic exchanges are very important for the cultural connection between Australia and China.

Artists and Guests


Chinese-Australian Artist and Australian Artists


Chinese-Australian Artists and Guests


Artists and Guests


Chinese Artists


Artists from diverse cultural backgrounds


Appreciating the Art










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