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David Freney-Mills

David Freney-Mills

Oracular Nebula no.1,2019, Ink& collage on Mulberry paper on board, 198x 235cm
Porous Amorphous no.33, 2017, Ink on Mulberry paper on board, 70x 80cm
Porous Amorphous no.36, 2017, Ink on Mulberry paper on board, 35 x40cm

Sublimation Cycle no.14,2016,Ink& collage on Mulberry paper on board,40x70cm

Melbourne artist David Freney-Mills explores the visual properties of text via improvised layers of painting with ink on Mulberry paper, choosing a single word for each painting and by process of fragmentation and repetition he creates abstract arrangements that convey a sense of flux and transformation. Freney-Mills’ paintings act as organisms made up of accumulated layers and traces of decisions, the text overlapping in chance combinations weaving in and out of an atmospheric armature created by the artist painting on the back of porous Mulberry paper and allowing the ink to permeate through to the facing side.

The text eddies in and out of this atmospheric environment like traces of existence manifesting then dissolving, coming into being and passing away. In this manner Freney-Mills uses text to represent matter and it’s shifting nature as a vehicle for energy. The text is also evocative of human consciousness in a state of constant reinvention, absorbing perceptions of colours and light from the outside world while also focussed within it’s inner space, both outer and inner worlds have frontiers for awareness to push into, in both directions a void is contemplated, not a sterile void but one fertile with possibilities from which all forms, all ideas and realizations come.  

In order for consciousness to expand it must have a space in which to do so; Freney-Mills’ paintings provide such a contemplative space.




Lives and works in Melbourne.



1994 Bachelor of Arts Fine Art Painting RMIT

1999 Studio Access Course-Latrobe Street School of Art & Design

          Travelled and worked in Europe from May 2000 to July 2003?

2005 Graduate Diploma in Visual Art-Victorian College of the Arts



2011 After Image, Napier Upstairs Gallery, Fitzroy

2011 New Acquisitions, St.Vincents’ Hospital Gallery, Fitzroy

2013 My Word, Napier Upstairs Gallery, Fitzroy

2014 Re-writing the Image: Text as art, Town Hall Gallery-Hawthorn Arts Centre

2016 The Spaces are as Important as the Words, Yarra Sculpture Gallery



2013 The Floating Word, Rubicon ARI, North Melbourne

2015 Sublimation Cycle, Rubicon ARI, North Melbourne

2016 Porous Amorphous, Community Project Wall – Hawthorn Arts Centre

2017 Alchemical Text, Alternating Current Art Space, Windsor

2018 Oracular Nebula, Five Walls Projects, Footscray



2005 Finalist Athenaeum Club Visual Arts Award- Athenaeum Club Melbourne

2007 Finalist Agendo Art Prize- Gardner Galleries, Richmond



2010-2011 Artist-in-Residence at St Vincents (Caritas Christi Hospice), Kew

2015 to Present Artist-in-Residence Hawthorn Arts Centre



St Vincents Hospital, Melbourne. Private collections in Australia and Europe

*Courtesy of the artist.