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Artist Talk – Painting in My Eyes

On December 15th, the artist talk “Painting in My Eyes” was successfully held at the ACAE Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. Audience arrived at the gallery early and there was hardly any seat left.


The artist talk was by the art director of ACAE Gallery and independent artist, Mr. Yinong Zou. He talked about art history and art expressions for Chinese art lovers living in Australia.




The talk covered art development from Renaissance to contemporary art, as well as the relationship between art and life. In the two-hour talk, Mr.Zou demystified art with his witty languages and well-prepared presentation and improved audience’s understanding of art history and interest in art. Throughout the talk, the audience had been concentrated and actively interacting with the artist.




Melbourne based artist Craig Harrison also attended the talk and gave his insightful thoughts on visual art.



Audience said that they found this event very rewarding as they listened to a systematic introduction to art. Some said what was even more precious for them was to be able to leave behind the trivialities of life and enjoy the serenity brought by art. Many of them expressed their interests in participating more similar activities in the future and learning more about art.




ACAE Gallery will be dedicated to presenting more academic and educational talks and providing artists and art enthusiasts a platform for discussion, communication and knowledge-sharing.


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