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Boundless(Cang Mang) – an exhibition of Zou Yinong’s watercolour works

 “Cang” (苍), represents my past, a nearly sixty-year journey of life, in my heart is carved into a big word “Cang” (苍); “Mang”(茫),heralds my future ahead. Where should I go after the age of sixty? After each solo exhibition, I would always stop and have a moment to think about this question.

— Zou Yinong



Boundless – an exhibition of Zou Yinong’s watercolour works opened on 2nd June at Paper Based Art Gallery in Changsha, Hunan. The exhibition was planned long ago after the curator Kan Le met the artist in Australia during an art event and he attributed it to “predestination”. Kan Le first saw Zou Yinong’s watercolour works in the artist’s home and He was immediately attracted by his unique style. These couple of medium-sized works have a simple yet clean style while the brushstrokes embody a sense of vicissitude. “There is a feeling of solitude embedded in the simplicity of his works, and it is this solitude deeply moved me.” So Kan le invited Zou Yinong earnestly to hold his solo exhibition in Hunan.    

Zou, an independent painter from Zhejiang who has lived in Australia for many years, presented his more than 40 watercolour works he created in recent years. Though not large in size, the thick colour and hard straight lines in Zou Yinong’s work refreshed viewers’ definition of watercolour. His works also inspired fellow watercolour painters: “he managed to extract the colour and composition of Fauvism, German Expressionism’s innovation and strength and the charm and artistic conception of Chinese ink painting and he then incorporated all of these elements together to create his very own unique watercolour style. We usually say that watercolours always emphasize that kind of transparency, lightness, and lyricism, but Zou Yinong’s works are different. His style is full-bodied, beyond powerful, and to challenge the conventional characteristics of common watercolour paintings he creates a completely innovative and original style.









Guests at the opening ceremony

Huang Tieshan, Honorary Director of the Watercolour Art Committee of the China Artists Association
Yin Baokang, Council Member of the Chinese Watercolour Association, Consultant of the Hunan Watercolour Art Committee
Liu Yun, Vice Chairman of the Hunan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Dean of the Hunan Academy of Fine Arts
Kan Le, Vice Chairman of the Hunan Artists Association, Vice Chairman of the Hunan Oil Painting Society
Liu Yongjian, Chairman of the Hunan Watercolour Art Society
Luo xiang, Director of the Printmaking committee of Hunan Artists Association

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