Tony Scott



1984 Bachelor of Education: Arts and Crafts, University of Melbourne

         Distinction in Painting, Graduate thesis: Three Indonesian Cultures

1974 Higher Diploma of Education: Arts and Crafts, University of Melbourne, Major: Sculpture and Performance




2017 Journey To Xiamen, SOMA Space, Melbourne

2016 FilmAid Benefit, Hong Kong

2015 Soho 189’s Art Lane Launch, Hong Kong

2013 Geometrics, Studio Rouge, Hong Kong

2012 Chart, William Wright Art Projects, Sydney

2011 Geometrics, Studio Rouge, Shanghai

2009 Geometrics, Studio Rouge, Shanghai

2008 Beijing Real estate, Front Line Contemporary, Beijing

2007 Beijing Transactions, Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne

         Temple Geometrics, Studio Rouge, Shanghai

2006 Ten Years On, Fringe Club, Hong Kong

2005 Two Journeys, Maroondah Gallery, Melbourne

          New Travels, Span Galleries, Melbourne

2003 10 Years, Kato Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

          Altar, Span Galleries, Melbourne

2002 Landfall, Australian High Commission, Singapore

         Tokyo Paintings, E Loby Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

         Crossing the Bo Hai Gulf, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne

2001 Silk, Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam

         Tokyo Paintings, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, Australia

2000  Journey, Kono Gallery, Osaka, Japan

          Geodesy, Span Galleries, Melbourne, Australia

          Fluidic Space, John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong, China

          Fluidic Space, Mass Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

          Fluidic Space, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China 

1999 Memory and Longing, St Stephen's Church, Melbourne

         Beijing Paintings, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, Australia

1998 Long Term Visa, Renard Wardell Gallery, Melbourne

1997 Visit, Kono Gallery, Osaka, Japan

         Wallpaper as Art, Michael Wardell Gallery, Melbourne

        China Gold, John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong, China

1996 Double Happiness, Michael Wardell Gallery, Melbourne

1995 Suzhou Series, Crawford Gallery, Sydney, Australia

         Looking in Looking Out, Meridian Gallery, Melbourne with Jill Orr

1994 Altar Paintings, Century Gallery, Beijing, China

         Journey, Meridian Gallery, with Michael Cartwright

1993 Recent Paintin, Meridian Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

         Recent Painting, Crawford Gallery, Sydney, Australia

1990 Landfall, CAZ Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

1989 Images and Devotions, Niagara Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

1988 Three Sisters, Linden Galleries, Melbourne, Australia

1987 Shedding Skins, Reconnaissance Gallery, Melbourne

1985 Brunswick to the City, Steven Mori Gallery, Sydney, Australia

1984 Urban Grids, Rhumbaralla Gallery, Melbourne

1982 New Painting, Roar Studios, Melbourne, Australia

1981 New Painting, Reconnaissance Gallery, Melbourne



2017 Journey, Sagra Gallery, Melbourne

2014 Hong Kong Art Walk, China Art Projects, Hong Kong

         Interesting Objects, China Art Projects, Hong Kong

2013 Luminious, China art Projects, Hong Kong               

        Seeing Red, Meijiang Art Centre, Tianjin

        Hong Kong View, Studio Rouge, Hong Kong

2012 Sifting Time, China Museum, Melbourne

2011 foundLOST, Osage Art Space, Beijing

2010 postEDEN, Today Art Museum, Beijing

         Constructed Landscape, Me Photo Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing

         Australian Divergence, Song Zhuang International Festival, Beijing

         Kitsch & Kinky, Front Line Contemporary, Shanghai

         Beijing view, Time Zone, 798 Art District, Beijing

2009 Tempting God, Depot Gallery, Danks Street, Sydney

         Trading Meaning, DAC Space, 798 Art District, Beijing

         LuminousDark, King on William Gallery, Sydney

2008 C.A.P. Launch, Two Lines Gallery, Beijing

         LuminousDark, Bleibtreu Gallery, Berlin

         Process-Journey, East Link, Gallery, Shanghai

         Process-Journey, Sino Space, Hong Kong

         Marking Imagination, Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne

2007 Process-Journey, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

        Warm Up, Hot Sun Space, Beijing

        Translucent Text, Red Gate / 798 Gallery, Beijing

2006 I See, I Sight, I Site, Two Lines Gallery, Beijing

         Global Fusion, Close Up, Basement, Vienna

2005 Altitude, Shepperton Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia

         Wandering Between the Worlds, Kunstlerhause, Vienna, Austria

         Global Fusion - Close Up, Urban Arts Project, Vienna, Austria

2005 Global Fusion – Close Up, Melbourne, Australia                      

2004 Egremont, Kunstraun Gallery, Modeling, Vienna, Austria

         Altitude, Dante's Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

         3rd.Beijing Art Fair, Represented by Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

         Melbourne Art Fair 2004, Represented by Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

2003 Drawing Dust, Span Galleries, Melbourne, John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

         We Are Australian, Immigration Museum, Melbourne,                         

         Embark – Disembark, Immigration Museum, Melbourne, Australia

2002 Digital Ghosts, Tin Sheds Gallery, University of NSW.

        Embark – Disembark, Mass Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

        21 Years / Colour, Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne

        Dialogue with the WatchTower, Melbourne Art Fair 2002, Singapore Art, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, Red Gate,

200116th. Asian Art Exhibition, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

         Into The Limelight,George Adams Gallery, Victorian, Australia Centre, Melbourne, Australia

         Digital Ghosts, Red Gate, Beijing, Mass Gallery, Melbourne

         Gambling / Masses of Paper, John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong

         Australian Painting 2001, E Loby Gallery,Tokyo, Japan

2000 End, Span Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

         Melbourne Art Fair 2000, Represented by Span Gallery

         Travelling Around, John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong, China

1998 Skin Culture, The George Gallery, Melbourne, John Batten Gallery/Fringe, Hong Kong, La Salle Gallery, Singapore, Tin Sheds Gallery, University of NSW

         Transformations, RMIT Gallery, RMIT University, Melbourne,

          National Works on Paper, Mornington Regional Gallery, Victoria

          Vending Machine, ACAF 6th. Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne

1997  Deacons, Graham, James Award, Melbourne University Gallery

1996  World Money, Fax Art, Art Gallery Shanghai, Shanghai, China

          Oblique Travellers, Michael Wardell, Melbourne, China Gallery, Hong Kong, Red Gate, Beijing, Gallery, Boomerang, Amsterdam, Annandale Gallery

          Fifth Australian Art Fair, Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne, Australia

1995  Decade and Decadence, 200 Gertrude Street Gallery, Melbourne

          New Painting, Gallery 7, Hong Kong, China

           Past Its Shelf Life, Meridian Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

          Australia Felix Festival, Benella Regional Gallery, Victoria, Australia

1994  Fourth Australian Art Fair, Represented by Meridian Gallery, Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne, Australia

          Meridian at Song He Tang, With Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China

          Second China Art Expo, Guangzhou, China

1992  Australians in Los Angeles, CAZ Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

          Third Australian Art Fair, Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne, Australia

1989  Heidelberg and Heritage, Linden Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

1986  Stock Artists, Reconnaissance Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

1982  All Together, Steven Mori Gallery, Sydney, Australia




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Artwork: Tony Scott, Temple Series – Window, 2000, Chinese paper, oil, glaze on canvas board 152 x 228 cm, $25,000.00 

Table: 19th century, Qing Dynasty scroll table, POA

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