John Aslanidis



1987-1989 Bachelor of visual Arts, City Art Institute 

1990 Graduate Diploma of Visual Arts, College of Fine Arts, University of NSW 


2018 Sonic no.68 Edwina Corlette Gallery Brisbane 

2017 Sonic Network no.17 Gallery 9 Sydney Sonic no.59 NKN gallery melbourne 

2016 Sonic Series 2005-2011 curated by Jane O’Neill Australian Consul General New York  Sonic New WaveEthan Cohen Gallery, NewYork Sonic Network no.15 Galerie Kai Hilgemann @Prosecco Berlin, Germany  Sonic Networks no.3 and 7 NKN Gallery Melbourne 

2015 Selection of works from the 1990s Charles Nodrum Gallery Melbourne Intersection collaboration with Mayonaize Juddy Roller Melbourne Sonic Network no.14 Gallery 9 Sydney 

2014 Sonic Network no.15 Edwina Corlette Gallery Brisbane 


2019 Circulation Blue Rider Art Taipei Taiwan 2018 New Optics 3 Museum of Modern Art Hunfeld Germany Talent Show than Cohen Fine Arts New York Patterns of the invisible curated by Konstanty Sydlowski Hilgemann Projects Berlin 

2017 New Optics Galerie Husam curated by Edgar Diehl Offenbach Germany  As of Now Ethan Cohen Fine Arts New York 

2016 How to Picture Living Systems curated by Petra Maitz KLI institute Klosterneuberg Austria Visions of Utopia curated by Andrew Christofides Woollongong Art Gallery NSW Interference Nurture art New York  

In the Sonic Network series, I use a set of mathematical intervals, to compose the  paintings, these are relative to a symmetrical grid on each of the four canvases. The intention is to create imagery where there is no starting or finishing point, capturing a fragment of this regard Aslanidis work has a strong correlation  with emergence theory,were complex patterns emerge out of simple interactions . This systematic and interdisciplinary approach has a strong correlation with music,  mathematics and science. The vibration created by the kinetic resonance of the sonic network series occupies  a sensory dimension, which exists between sound and vision. Conceptually, I am not trying to illustrate sound but, rather, give a visual expression  to its physicality. my concern is with the physical reaction the viewer has to my  paintings. A perceptual approach with conceptual underpinnings. John Aslanidis

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